“Sapari” mission is to create equal, non-discriminatory and non-violent environment.

Goals and Objectives

Fight against discrimination and achieve equality among individuals. Advocate and protect the rights of vulnerable groups, including women, children, ethnic minorities and LGBT. Lobby their interests through cooperation with the State institutions.

Research and study various types of violence, including domestic violence, sexual abuse, severe stress and trauma. Psychological rehabilitation of those who are traumatized as the result of violence. Creation and functional support of rehabilitation centers, shelters and cabinets for victims of violence.

-Hold activities aiming awareness raising, prevention and society mobilization. Support training and educative programs involving those health and law enforcement specialists, who work with victims. In order to raise competence in trauma psychology, arrange trainings and seminars for doctors, psychologists and other specialists in the field of human rights.

-Cooperate with those international and national organizations, which work on discrimination and violence issues.

-Open rehabilitation centers, their branches and shelters.