A person with closed mentality needs The  god  to satisfy  his or her personal  ambitions

The murder never has such resonance as homosexuality does.

On July 5 we witnessed the repeat of May 17, 2013 which was disguised again in the name of Christ. This wasn’t just the flattening of the people of different sexual orientation, it was the special operation of the Georgian government and church. Their goal was to dismantle the protesters’ tents and focus the aggression on the journalists, because these journalists inform the society about the real activity of these 2 institutions. Human became the victim of this violence and the leader of the church and the government are responsible for each beaten and hurt person.

The organized religion is the other side of politics and they together create the war. Their power increases by frightening the people, because the intimidated people are easier to rule. If a person gets used to violence and fear, this swamp becomes the comfort zone and the only way to escape it is to study your own psyche.

All kind of violence, including the violence against the women and children is indirectly encouraged by them.

In Georgia there’s a crisis of secularism. In this country many think that a Georgian should a priory be orthodox.  The erection of the cross in front of the parliament also shows that the church takes part in ruling the country. The most important now is to start changes in educational system and completely renew it, in order future generations to think critically, to be psychologically healthy, responsible and independent individuals who can’t be put under  religious or any other kind of influence.

The bigots have no personality, there’s no individualization process in them  and they need the leader to obey blindly and we saw this blindly obedient crowd on July 5, who threw the stones to us, the peaceful protestants the next day too.

The psychological problem of this crowd is also the accumulated sexual energy, which can’t sublimate and which as I say all the time will by all means erupt one day and it happened so. This people play with their unconscious and it’s dangerous for them too, the internal conflicts and complexes swallow the person. The most enthusiastic and furious homophobe is the latent homosexual, the deep complex of  inferiority is hidden behind the complex of superiority.

In fact these people hate themselves. The majority of homophobes hate women too and often abuse them. If not physically, they abuse the women psychologically, simply the majority of them do it indirectly and never confess in this hatred even to themselves.

The part of homophobes may not be inclined towards the violence generally, but here works the defensive mechanism of the psyche which means that they want to expose totally opposite from what they really feel. They might fight with the feature in themselves what they hate in others and abuse people of different sexual orientation in order to prove to themselves that they aren’t gays. In fact, a person is fighting with himself or herself, and all wars are lost, where the command is given to defeat something by restrictions.

People, who think that they serve love in given reality are simply deceiving themselves. It’s impossible for a person with overfilled mind to experience unconditional love. In order to understand love you should observe the branches of  love that so clearly divide people and cause war. Everybody, who might not threw the stone, but simply was with that crowd or share their ugly ideas and encouraged them from home, is also unconsciously the participant of the violence.

The person with the closed consciousness needs God in order to call Him when he or she wants to satisfy their personal ambitions. ‘’God will punish, God will respond’’-  these phrases show it. All wars and the violence are disguised in the name of love. Parents, beating child will also tell you that they’re doing it to bring their child up properly, for the child’s sake.

A person should expose to himself or herself to see who he or she is in reality. It’s difficult to accept this reality, but it’s necessary in order to be born psychologically.

Nino Kviriliani

Translated by Erekle Grigolia